Cancer survivors have incorrect consumption of calories and antioxidant nutrients | Abstract


Cancer survivors have incorrect consumption of calories and antioxidant nutrients

Author(s): Tatiane Silva MEDEIROS1, Léa Bianch LIMA1, Sâmia LOPES DA COSTA2, Débora DOMINGUES PINHEIRO2, Priscila Carmelita Paiva DIAS CARNEIRO1,3, Sara Maria Moreira LIMA VERDE2

Introduction: Food has an established role in the prevention of cancer and its recurrence. International guidelines recommend the adoption of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals, limited in ultra-processed foods and sugary drinks as suitable for cancer patients.

Objective: To assess the inadequacy of food consumption of cancer patients.

Methodology: Study carried out 30 adult women (31-50 years old) diagnosed with cancer, seen at a referral center in oncology. The inadequacy of food consumption came from information collected in two 24-hour reminders and followed the Dietary References Intake from the Institute of Medicine. The analysis of the adequacy of energy consumption followed the evaluation by the Body Mass Index; for micronutrients, the prevalence of inadequate consumption was estimated by comparing the distribution of habitual intake and its needs, and following the probabilistic method, using the EAR parameter.

Results: The probability of inadequate energy consumption was 90%. Among the micronutrients, there was a 52% probability of a risk of inadequate consumption of Vitamin A, 4% of vitamin E, 55% of zinc and 56% of vitamin C.

Discussion: Overweight, adipose tissue, and low consumption of antioxidant nutrients are aspects that favor the process of carcinogenesis and increase in the risk of cancer recurrence.

Conclusion: Cancer patients have excessive calorie consumption and inadequate consumption of antioxidant nutrients.